Welcome to World Of AVK, where timeless elegance meets the magic of the 90s Bollywood era! We take pride in creating exquisite, hand-embroidered, and high-end luxury clothing that beautifully blends traditional Indian ethnicity with a touch of nostalgia from the golden age of Bollywood.

Our Journey: At World Of AVK, our journey is rooted in a passion for preserving the rich cultural heritage of India while celebrating the glamour and allure of 90s Bollywood fashion. Inspired by the iconic styles and mesmerizing elegance of yesteryears' silver screen, we set out on a mission to craft unique and awe-inspiring designs that pay homage to the unforgettable fashion of that era.

Hand Embroidered Luxury: Every creation at Ankit V Kapoor is a labor of love. We meticulously handcraft each garment with intricate embroidery, giving life to our artistic vision. Our skilled artisans, with generations of expertise, pour their heart and soul into every delicate stitch, making each piece an exquisite work of art. The result is an ensemble that exudes opulence and reflects the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.

Nostalgic Bollywood Influence: Nostalgia is the heart and soul of our brand. We understand the allure of reminiscing about the unforgettable fashion trends of the 90s Bollywood era. At Ankit V Kapoor, we revive those iconic styles with a contemporary twist, bringing you a perfect amalgamation of the old-world charm and modern aesthetics. Our designs resonate with the spirit of Bollywood legends, infusing their charisma into every garment.

Timeless Elegance for All: We believe that luxury clothing knows no boundaries and should be accessible to everyone who appreciates the finer things in life. That's why our collections cater to both men and women, offering a diverse range of Indian ethnic wear that reflects our commitment to inclusivity and individuality. Our designs embrace traditional silhouettes, blending them with modern cuts to bring out the best in every wearer.

Quality and Sustainability: At World Of AVK, we prioritize quality and sustainability as the cornerstones of our brand philosophy. From carefully sourcing the finest fabrics to employing ethical and eco-conscious practices, we ensure that our creations not only make you look good but also feel good about wearing them.

Join the Journey: We invite you to embark on this enchanting journey with us. Explore our collections and experience the magic of hand-embroidered luxury that pays homage to the timeless 90s Bollywood fashion. Whether you are attending a grand celebration or seeking a statement piece to cherish forever, Ankit V Kapoor promises to make your sartorial dreams come true.

Indulge in the allure of nostalgia, celebrate Indian craftsmanship, and embrace timeless elegance – all with a touch of Bollywood charm. Welcome to World Of AVK, where we stitch memories into fashion!


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